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AW 2017-18 - Megatrends - DENIM
No Excuses, Isolated, Exposed, Coexist

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A 50 page trend forecasting overview that describes DENIM Mega Trend Directions for Fall Winter 2017-18, complete with Influences & Insights, Colors & Materials, treatments & surfaces and branding accessories. Discover our new 4 Mega Trends: NO EXCUSES, ISOLATED, EXPOSED and COEXIST.

Cover credit:  Nigel Cabourn for Lybro FW15

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NO EXCUSES | Rethink

“Rethink” speaks of the freedom and the strength to be who we are. The ethical issue is objective and wishes to investigate our consumption habits and lifestyle by o ering innovative models taking inspiration from the past and traditions. It especially focuses on sustainability, upcycling and reuse, always in a creative way. An awareness that makes its way into the fashion world and reconstructs the system criticizing fast fashion and all its consequences of pollution and exploitation. A need for slowness, tradition and knowledge of a critical consciousness that seeks innovation inspired by the past and the artisan world. A style that wants to be timeless, sustainable and fair.

ISOLATED | Imprints

“Imprints” makes you feel the need to get closer to nature in search of solitude. The theme focuses on natural textures and all that leaves trace of their passage like the water that erodes rocks and draws new shapes and surfaces. The earth, the mountains, the rocks, lichens, and mosses become interesting subjects to be investigated in depth. These elements greatly infuence the surface and the structure, surfaces trying to recreate something capable to blend into the natural landscape. "Camoufage" and adaptation are key concepts becoming inspiration for a style that focuses on textile experimentation. 

EXPOSED | Girl Gang

“Girl gang” is an intimate topic but at the same time based on appearances, jumping from an online to offline mode, what appears of us and what we really are. Feminist rebellion, but also depression and insecurity are mixed, creating a sort of "girl squad" that challenges all women’s stereotypes and vetoes. The appearance is very feminine, both in colors and shapes, but with a strong ironic vein and a style created to impress. Femininity, frivolity and girl power gives life to this subject that takes cues from the world of vintage, from '70s and' 80s, with a romantic twist but still aggressive and rebellious. Sweetness and sensuality create an interesting contrast; ”kawaii" references and explicit sexuality become the key to understand this theme.

COEXIST | Everyday Denim

Referring to the Cold War in Germany and taking inspiration from the Eastern European World, “Simple Structured” takes us to a theme that appears very actual to us: the coexistence of worlds in conditions of poverty opposed to the luxury and unleashed consumerism. This theme whishes to set the spotlight on the cohesion between the two worlds; we therefore have “popular” and folk subjects seen through a grey urban lter. These melt with pop aestetics with 80s and 90s inspiration creating an eterogenous image, at times re exive and at times light-hearted in uenced by “masculine” and military uniforms.

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