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SS17 - Megatrends - Denim
Bourgeoise, Flamboyant, Impression, Survivalist

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A complete pdf view of 73 pages describes the SS17 Forecast Denim Megatrends, 4 themes: Bourgeoise, Flamboyant, Impression, Survivalist.  Every Megatrend is entirely illustrated by Colors & Laundries, Treatments & Materials, branding inspirations and above all Key items & Details that will bring you into SS17 Denim Season.

Cover credit: Catherine McNeil by Christian MacDonald.

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For summer 2017, in contrast to previous seasons where the opulence acted as a master, the issue of Balance, in relation to a real mind-gravity and physics, is key concept.Technology advances and takes possession of our lives more and more; the balance comes into play and allows us to dose and use these new tools to our well-being, transforming them into the means by which we can discover the world, to know people and cultures, rise and evolve, with an eye to the past but always ironic and provocative or on the contrary, to enrich experience and reclaim our roots. The right balance will allow us to move in this universe, to become aware of ourselves and of looking to the future with innovative eyes but loads of awareness. This consciousness brings us closer to the simplest and primary things, to the traditions and their recovery. A new crowd is making an appearance, “aggregation” becomes the watchword, and the craft becomes the main theme of this movement. Technology, in this case, becomes a means of translation without affecting the taste of raw handmade things. Look at the past becomes a must in a context of recovery but it is essential to have an ironic and provocative attitude, especially by offering an image of a woman inspired by the past but definitely evolved.

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