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19 - 01 - 2016 IN Mega Trend
WE HAVE FINALLY LAUNCHED THE AW1718 MEGATRENDS SCENARIO where we focused on upcycling also known as creative reuse.Lately all our attentions have been focused on this brilliant and imaginative way to create fashion, however someone have have been faster and have beaten us: Atelier Piccoli Stilisti is a real Fashion School for kids and teens, a creative corner where to unleash fantasy channelling into a fashion collection: from inspiration to
14 - 01 - 2016 IN Mega Trend
A new trend is coming: the silhouette is “looser”, so wide and minimal as well as soft. The must have item of the next Spring-Summer season will be knitted trousers that go with anything, any season and 5forecastore team is here to propose it to you in two version.
11 - 01 - 2016 IN Mega Trend
Fashion works in cycles, but certain decades never cease to inspire designers. That is the case with the 1990s, which are coming back again this summer to influence the female wardrobe thanks to a strong reference to the American ready-to-wear mixed up with sophisticated high-society garden parties mood.