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A 35 page trend forecasting overview which focuses on BEACHWEAR DIRECTIONS for Spring Summer  2017, complete with the season's KEY COLOUR palette forecast. 4 Mega Trends: Bourgeoise, Flamboyant, Impression and Survivalist designed for MAREDAMARE the Underbeach fair in Florence 23-25 July 2016.

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A genuine femininity. A sexy and sophisticated, fully grown and mindful style on one side and at the same time a more relaxed, young, lighthearted and cheerful charm on the other. The mood draws on a high society scenario with its garden and poolside parties and other typical bourgeois camping spaces. Everything added up with a pop, ironical and elegant touch taking us back through ‘60s up to the ‘90s. 


The longing for audacity, courage and spontaneity against the more and more standardized fashion, gives rise to the very happy, generous and exuberant, lush blend of materials, colors and prints, inspired by the energy of the southern world countries. Ancestral techniques and primitive graphic elements are recovered by the “do-it-yourself” trend, the creative recycling and the “hand-made” richness.


We start with an idea of mental and physical health. The peace of mind is the kind of new feeling that encourages a more modern and active lifestyle. The human skin becomes the basic element for a style that is getting closer and closer to the underwear and sportswear universe by creating a mixture of underwear and swimwear. The four senses are explored and a special attention to the organic nature of things is devoted in such a way as to be translated into pure and essential shapes as well as physical textures. The sea becomes an ideal place with its patterns of light and shadow, its water and iridescent surface. 


An imaginary, futuristic and artificial atoll were we can land after a rough journey. Scuba diving and escaping back to surface. The inspiration comes from water, the design focuses on a possible future, the aesthetics looks army. The sea as a mysterious place that wants to be discovered in its depth to find a way to re-invention and survival. 

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