2 - 08 - 2017 IN 5th Season
The 25th edition of Milano Unica, the international fabrics trade fair demonstrating trends for the textile market, took place in Milan on July 11 to 13, with a focus on Made in Italy, as well as a special area for Japan and Korea. The fabric trends for AW 18-19 will take direct inspiration from the 70’ and 80's for a dose of brassy glamour.
27 - 07 - 2017 IN 5th Season
Pitti Filati, the important international event showing the yarns and colours for AW18-19 trends for the fashion industry, took place at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence on June 28-30th. An optimistic mood was set at the 81st edition of Pitti Filati, celebrating mills, talent and creativity. A mood of balance and connecting with the environment was a continuous trend throughout, in line with our AW18-19 Comfort Zone and Step forward Mega Trend
3 - 07 - 2017 IN 5th Season
Sporty Feminine is one of the Mega Trends that we at 5forecaStore predicted for SS 2018, so watch out for it on the runways because It's a big trend confirmed. Sporty Feminine, hoodies and sporty T's teamed with glam skirts and tailored pieces will be hot topic for Resort 2018. Loose layers and jerseys are matched with tailored trousers, and shirts dress up tracky bottoms.
16 - 06 - 2017 IN Mega Trend
Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. If you were born after the year MCMLXXX, that is to say 1980, that makes you a millennial. What do the millennials mean to designers? Designers want to work out what drives the younger generation. Studies have shown that most millennials will buy things are that are kinder to the planet, and sustainable fashion is hot stuff right now.
31 - 05 - 2017 IN Mega Trend
BIO MATERIALS made from milk and mushrooms and other natural sources are the future of fashion and will be the norm by 2019. FERRAGAMO recently launched a collection made from Italian patented ORANGE FIBRE which is created using citrus waste, with prints designed by the award winning Mario Trimarchi.
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